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Studio facilities

5789 Susquehanna Plaza
York, PA 17406
(717) 393-1155

Network affiliation

Associated Press

Sports rights held

Baltimore Orioles, Baltimore Ravens


Susquehanna Radio Corp.

About WSBA

A 240-foot tower on the old Susquehanna Trail launched a long tradition of broadcasting in 1942, when WSBA came on the air. While established 10 years later than WORK(AM) at 1350 kHz, currently all-sports WOYK(AM), WSBA has been blessed with more continuity and a set of call letters that has never changed.

With the sign-on of WSBA, Louis Appell Sr., owner of The Pfaltzgraff Pottery Company, gave birth to a broadcasting company (Susquehanna Radio Corp.) that would go on to own 29 stations scattered across the U.S., including some big ones (i.e. KNBR, San Francisco). Susquehanna currently owns stations in Houston, Cincinnati, Atlanta, Indianapolis and the aforementioned Bay Area. In addition, Susquehanna Communications serves as cable operator in several communities across the nation, with franchises in Mississippi, Illinois, and Maine. SusCom is also the cable provider for much of York and Adams counties, as well as Williamsport.

WSBA rose to prominence in the York area in the 1960s as one of the first stations to lean toward the edgier side of pop music. As the years went on, the station became the news source for many in York County. 910 shifted to a softer sound in the 1970s.

A slight lineup shuffle in November 2002 moved Sean Hannity's syndicated program from tape-delay at night to PM drive. In the process, 910 dropped its 5 p.m. hour-long news and info block and moved Clark Howard's program to the slot following Hannity. In addition WSBA is York's home for the Orioles and added the Ravens back to the lineup in 2001, after the Ravens went without an affiliate in York during their championship run.

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